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A good reputation is more valuable than MOKA

Welcome to the online home of Electrical Services Company. Established in 1992, we proudly service electrical contractors, commercial, residential, schools, hospitals, whole sellers, retail sellers, etc... Our job is not only retrained within Lebanon, but it goes all around world. Our employees take pride in doing the job right-the first time. The expertise level of our company personnel is well above 30 years spent in sales, purchasing as well as other positions. We pride ourselves in getting answers you need. Because we are continuously growing adding new and useful information to this site, it is worth noting that the site is constantly changing and improving.

Our aim is to be number one electrical firm in our field, so we strive to be the most experienced, responsive and competitive. Because these qualities translate into excellence and trust and because our reputation matters, ESC S.A.L. is proud to say that it has these qualities. Electrical Services Company S.A.L. has always been a growing, dynamic business that knows the meaning of "hard work". We've earned our reputation for excellence through extraordinary personal service, attention to detail, and commitment to our customer's needs. And it is due to this reputation that our clients are consistently referring to ESC S.A.L. with confidence and appreciation.